What Are Some Job Options After Completing Functional Nutritionist Training?

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What Are Some Job Options After Completing Functional Nutritionist Training?

27 December 2022
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Nutrition is such an important field. Everyone has to eat, and most people could stand to make some improvements in their diets. Determining what those changes and improvements should be, however, requires a vast amount of knowledge. A functional nutritionist training course will teach you the fundamentals of nutrition and also how to work with people to improve their diets. But once you're done with training and have earned your certification, what roles might you want to work in? Here are some options to explore.

Working With Gyms

Gyms are full of people looking to improve themselves through diet and exercise. The gym offers a lot of resources for exercise, but not so many for diet. Some gyms hire people with nutritionist training to help their clients improve their diets and eat in a way that helps them reach their fitness and health goals. Even if you don't see any job postings from local employers looking for nutritionists, you could approach some gyms in your area. Tell them about your certifications, and let them know you'd love to partner with them and offer packages for their clients.

Working With Naturopaths

Naturopaths are doctors who take a more natural approach to medicine, preferring to use herbs and natural remedies when possible. They tend to value dietary changes for therapeutic reasons, although many don't have specific education in nutrition themselves. Instead, naturopaths often like to partner with people like you who have training in functional nutrition. They may either send their clients to you for dietary advice or be willing to open a joint venture with you, offering both dietary counseling and medical services.

Creating Self-Help Courses

Another approach would be to use what you know to design a self-help course for people who are interested in learning more about nutrition and improving their own diets. This could be a fun approach if you're someone who likes educating and sharing with others. If you think it would be beneficial, you could also include an in-person or remote meeting or two for each client who buys your course. This approach may require working with a graphic designer or a publisher to create your course materials.

Completing functional nutritionist training is a big milestone. But becoming certified is just the beginning of a long, fulfilling career. Consider the job options above, and think over which approach may be best in line with your needs and personality.

If you're interested in these careers, consider taking a functional nutritionist certification training course