3 Tips for Medical Marijuana Delivery

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3 Tips for Medical Marijuana Delivery

14 September 2022
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With medical marijuana now legal in nearly 40 states, chances are high that it's legal where you live. In some cases, medical marijuana is legal even in states where recreational cannabis is not. This means that as long as you have a medical condition that would benefit from cannabis use, you are likely eligible to partake in medical marijuana. Getting medical marijuana delivery is very convenient as long as you follow these three tips:

Consider Visiting a Dispensary First

While having medical marijuana saves time and gas money, you may want to visit the dispensary in person at least once before your first order. This is because dispensaries employ cannabis experts who are on-hand in person to answer all of your questions and guide you toward the right product.

For medical marijuana, in particular, it can be helpful to be able to describe your medical condition to a cannabis expert and ask them which marijuana strain and product will be most beneficial for treating it.

Decide on the Products You're Interested In

Next up, spend some time reading through product descriptions and deciding which to add to your online shopping cart. Delivery is so convenient that it's a perfect opportunity to try a variety of products. For example, maybe you usually stick to smoking flowers from a pipe but would like to add some edibles to your order. Or maybe you usually smoke Sativa strains but know that Indica is better for relaxation, so you decide to give it a try.

Other options for your medical marijuana delivery order include tinctures, vape pens, and pre-rolled joints.

Be Sure to Tip Your Delivery Driver

Finally, be sure to tip your delivery driver just like you would if you were ordering dinner for delivery. Unlike the in-store employees, most medical marijuana delivery drivers rely partly on tips for their income.

Remember that you will also likely be required to be home in order to show your identification card to the driver when they arrive. Your dispensary will give you a delivery time estimate and likely send you a reminder when they are on their way so that you don't miss your delivery. Some dispensaries even have apps so you can track your order as well as your driver's location.

Getting medical marijuana delivered to your home instead of driving to a dispensary makes things easy and convenient. Just follow the tips covered above to get started.