Signs You Could Benefit From A Probiotic Supplement: Women's Edition

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Signs You Could Benefit From A Probiotic Supplement: Women's Edition

25 May 2022
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Probiotic supplements are those which contain helpful bacteria that can recolonize your digestive tract. Some probiotic supplements contain just one strain of bacteria, but others often contain several different strains for an even more pronounced effect. So, as a woman, how do you know whether you should be taking one of these probiotic supplements? Start by looking for these signs.

Frequent Yeast Infections

Vaginal yeast infections occur when the yeast in your vaginal canal becomes too prolific. These infections can cause itching, redness, and a white discharge that looks similar to cottage cheese. In most cases, the infection will clear up when you take an antifungal medication or apply a topical antifungal treatment. But if the infection keeps coming back after treatment, you may also have a deficiency of healthy bacteria. The bacteria should be fighting off the yeast and keeping it under control, but if there are not enough bacteria, the yeast tends to take over to the point of infection. Taking probiotic supplements can re-establish a healthy balance of bacteria to keep the yeast at bay and prevent additional yeast infections.


So many women experience abdominal bloating and just assume it is normal. It may get worse at certain times in your cycle or when you eat certain foods. Bloating is certainly annoying, and you should not ignore it. Often, this happens because your levels of probiotic bacteria in your digestive tract are low, which means high-fiber food does not get digested properly. The fiber pulls more moisture into the intestinal tract, and you get bloating. If you start taking probiotics, you should notice that the bloating starts to subside or become less frequent. You may be able to eat more veggies without worrying about looking puffy.

Acne and Other Skin Lesions

If you suffer from acne and other skin lesions, it could be, in part, due to a lack of healthy probiotic bacteria in your body. Without the healthy bacteria to fight off the bad bacteria, the bad bacteria tend to proliferate, and they can then lead to breakouts and skin lesions. Taking a probiotic may not completely cure your acne, but it could help. It's a good supplement to pair with any treatments your dermatologist may recommend.

Probiotic supplements can be really helpful for women — especially those who are dealing with any of the issues above. It's amazing what a dose of good bacteria can do for you.

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