When You're Not Getting Enough From Your CBD Gummies

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When You're Not Getting Enough From Your CBD Gummies

26 May 2021
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When you take CBD gummies, do you feel like they are doing something — but not quite enough? Sometimes people assume this means that CBD doesn't work for them. This may be true in some cases, but usually, it's not. You may just need to make some changes to the exact gummies you're taking and how you are taking them. Here are a few suggestions that should help you get more out of your gummies.

Switch to full-spectrum gummies

If you are currently taking pure CBD gummies and are not quite getting enough from them, then switch to full-spectrum gummies. When gummies are sold as full-spectrum, this means they contain not only CBD, but also other cannabinoids that interact with the CBD and enhance its effects. Some other cannabinoids you might have heard of are CBG and CBN, but there are others that are not as well known or as well-researched, too. If you're getting a little relief from pure CBD gummies, you can expect to get even more relief from full-spectrum ones.

Take two

Everyone needs a different dose to experience the full effects of CBD. If taking one gummy is not doing it for you, then try taking two. You may also want to look for gummies in a higher dose. For instance, if you are taking 10 mg gummies right now, you may want to switch to 15 mg or 20 mg gummies for more of an effect.

Take them with something fatty

People often assume that if they are not getting much from their gummies, taking them on an empty stomach will make them more effective. But CBD is not alcohol; taking it on an empty stomach won't make it work any better.

Actually, taking CBD on an empty stomach will cause it to be absorbed less effectively. CBD, and other cannabinoids for that matter, are fat-soluble compounds. As such, your body absorbs them best when you take them with some fatty food. So, if you are not getting enough out of your CBD, try taking it with a snack or meal that contains fat. Cheese, chocolate, and donuts are all good pairings. This is a good excuse to treat yourself.

If you are taking CBD gummies and not quite getting the effects you desire, do not give up. With a few changes to your gummy routine, you can finally get the relief you've been waiting for. For more information on full spectrum CBD gummies, contact a dispensary.