Can You Use CBD For Migraine Treatment?

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Can You Use CBD For Migraine Treatment?

24 February 2021
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CBD has been all over the media lately, and it has been popping up on health food store shelves across the country. People use it for stress relief and pain relief, which may have you wondering: could CBD be a good treatment for your migraines? It might be, but there are some precautions to take and some tips to explore before you turn to CBD for migraine relief. 

How can CBD help ease migraines?

Before you pursue any migraine treatment, you should have an idea of how it works. Although researchers are still exploring exactly how CBD works in the body, they do know it seems to relieve stress and inflammation, which are at the heart of many migraines. In fact, neck stiffness is a major contributor to migraines. By alleviating stress and inflammation in your neck, back, and the base of your skill, CBD can help reduce the frequency of migraines. Stress is also a migraine trigger for many people, so if CBD keeps your stress level down, you may not experience migraines as often.

So, is CBD a preventative or a treatment?

Actually, it can be both. This makes it unique as a migraine remedy. Many patients take small, daily doses of CBD to help prevent migraines and reduce their frequency. And then if they develop a migraine anyways, they take a larger dose to bring an end to the migraine.

Is CBD a replacement for your prescription migraine medications?

This is a question only your doctor should answer. Some patients are able to wean themselves off of prescription treatments and take CBD instead. However, you should not stop taking your prescription medications without the guidance of your doctor. Many patients find that CBD works best as a supplement to their other migraine medications. It can give you that little bit of extra help to reduce your migraine severity and frequency even further.

What forms of CBD are best for migraines?

It all depends on what you prefer. Many patients prefer an oral CBD option, like pills or gummies, for daily migraine prevention. Or, they may prefer a fast-delivery option like vaping when they need to stop a migraine in its tracks. Some people enjoy rubbing CBD lotion on their forehead or neck during a migraine, too.

CBD can be a good option for migraine treatment, and there are lots of formulas to choose from. Talk to your doctor if you have more specific questions as to how this remedy might work for you. You can then talk to CBD suppliers to learn more about how to use their products.