Signs Your Dog Could Benefit From A Chiropractic Adjustment

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Signs Your Dog Could Benefit From A Chiropractic Adjustment

25 November 2020
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Many humans benefit from chiropractic care, but did you know there are also chiropractors who work on dogs? These chiropractors adjust the spine, which can help ease pain, relieve pressure on nerves, and promote relaxation. But what are the signs that your dog could benefit from a chiropractic adjustment? Take a look.

Difficulty Getting Up After Sleeping

Does your dog seem stiff and uncomfortable when they first get up after a nap? Maybe they take their time to get up, and perhaps they limp for a few steps. This can be a sign that the dog's back is stiff and painful. A chiropractic adjustment can help your dog stay more comfortable as they sleep and have an easier time getting up afterward.


When a dog starts limping, the owner often assumes there is something wrong with their leg. But in fact, pain in the back is often what causes limping. When your dog has back pain, they may not feel comfortable extending one or more legs all of the way. A chiropractic adjustment can loosen the dog's spine and allow them to walk more comfortably.

Hesitation Before Jumping Up

Dogs with back trouble will often hesitate before jumping onto furniture because they know that doing so will cause them pain. As the pain gets worse, they may even stop jumping on furniture. Even if you do not like having your dog on the couch, you should have their spine adjusted by a chiropractor so that they are comfortable with the jumping action.

Shifting Weight When Standing

When your dog is standing still, do you notice that they shift their weight from foot to foot? This is often because standing in a certain way puts strain on the spine and causes back pain to worsen. They shift their weight to escape that pain. A chiropractic adjustment can allow them to comfortably stand on all four feet again.

Holding the Head Low

Remember, the spine extends all of the way through the neck. If your dog is experiencing pain in their neck, then they might hang their head low or seem like they do not want to look up towards the ceiling. A chiropractic adjustment can alleviate this neck pain, which resembles the pain of whiplash.

Animal chiropractors can do a great job of keeping dogs more comfortable. If your dog is limping, hanging their head, or having trouble jumping on the couch, schedule an appointment with a professional who provides animal chiropractic services.