Why Choose A Topical CBD Lotion?

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Why Choose A Topical CBD Lotion?

19 August 2020
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Cannabidiol is one of the potent chemicals found in the hemp plant. Often abbreviated as CBD, this cannabinoid offers natural health benefits for your body and mind. CBD is commonly taken as an oral supplement. However, you can also find topical preparations, such as hemp CBD lotions. There are many reasons a person might prefer topical CBD products. Here are four reasons to choose a topical hemp CBD lotion.

1. It will not enter your bloodstream

When you apply hemp lotion, it is absorbed through your skin. However, the CBD will not enter your bloodstream transdermally. This is good news for anyone who is concerned about workplace drug testing. While CBD products sourced from hemp typically contain little to no traces of THC, some people still worry about false positives. Using topical CBD products will give you increased peace of mind, so you can rest assured that you will pass any drug test.

2. It provides targeted relief

Topical hemp CBD lotion allows you to get relief exactly where you need it. If your back or knee is sore, simply apply a small amount of lotion to the afflicted area. CBD lotion is great for people who only have a few problem areas on their bodies. Instead of treating your whole body using oral supplements, you can simply relieve pain at its source. 

3. It offers immediate effects

Topical CBD applications are very effective at quickly reducing pain. When you rub hemp lotion into your skin, you don't have to wait for pain relief. Many people notice instantaneous results. People with severe pain may want to use CBD lotion in conjunction with their normal pain management regimen. It can effectively complement oral painkillers, rest, ice, and other pain relief treatments. CBD lotion is highly portable, so you can get quick relief whenever you need it.

4. It may not interfere with other medications

Although CBD is a natural supplement, it can interact with certain medications. According to Healthline, medications such as antihistamines, erectile dysfunction drugs, and blood thinners may interact with CBD. CBD can sometimes alter the way your body processes these medications, causing your dosage to be inaccurate for your body type. Fortunately, the CBD in hemp lotion does not pass through your system the way orally ingested CBD does. Using hemp lotion with your medication may be a safer alternative. However, you should still consult with your doctor first.