Where You Can Find CBD Oil, And Why It's Not Illegal In Every Place Where It's Sold

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Where You Can Find CBD Oil, And Why It's Not Illegal In Every Place Where It's Sold

11 July 2019
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CBD, medical marijuana, recreational marijuana, edibles; every one of these products comes from the same set of plants, and each is either legal or not legal in various states. If you have seen a lot of CBD oil lately, and you are quite surprised to see it out there in plain view with no police arresting anyone, you probably have a lot of questions about it. One of those questions is in regards to where you can buy this product, and the other question asked is often in reference to why it is not illegal in every place where it is sold. Those questions, and their answers, are as follows. 


Because CBD is an extract of the non-hallucinogenic marijuana plant, it has been legalized in nearly every state. (Wisconsin was one of the last states to hold out on this natural medicine, and only passed/legalized CBD oil in the last decade.) As soon as it was made legal (or after it had been legal for years), CBD oil cropped up on natural health care shelves, and in natural health food stores, natural health supplement stores, and alternative medicine pharmacies everywhere.

Now you can even walk into big box stores and find it on the vitamin shelves! It has taken on a couple of different forms too, including flavored CBD oil for people that do not like the strange taste of the unflavored original, and gummies to give to kids. (Yes, you can give it to kids; it might even help with ADHD and sleep issues.)

Why You Will Not Be Arrested for Purchasing It

CBD oil is not a drug in the sense that marijuana is. Even in its purest extract form (which can provide the maximum health benefits), CBD oil will not cause the side effects experienced by marijuana. The FDA flagged it as a harmless health supplement, which is what initially gave it the green light for use by parents who were looking for something to calm, soothe, and treat ADHD and autism symptoms without nasty drug side effects. Because the government already proclaimed it as safe, and no pharmaceutical company is fighting it, CBD oil is available on store shelves for sale in just about every possible store you can think of. If you would like to try it for whatever ails you, or for whatever ails your child, you can without fear of reprisal or arrest.