Why You Should Consider Edibles At Your Local Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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Why You Should Consider Edibles At Your Local Medical Marijuana Dispensary

22 May 2019
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When it comes to medical marijuana, some patients still opt to smoke, but many are looking for alternative means to get their dose. For some of those patients, that means turning to edibles for their marijuana treatment. In fact, edibles are becoming increasingly popular. If you are pursuing a medical marijuana card but aren't interested in having to smoke it, here's what you need to know about marijuana edibles.

There Are Many Options

In the past, people have associated marijuana edibles with brownies, cookies, and other baked goods. While that may be how it started, marijuana edibles have expanded into a wide variety of items, including drinks, candies, oils, mints, and even gummy products.

The variety means that you can choose exactly what works for you to get your medical marijuana dosing without having to smoke it. Your local dispensary will have many choices for you to explore. You may even be able to get samples of some products to find the ones that work best for what you need.

They Absorb Differently

Anyone who has ever smoked medical marijuana knows that they begin feeling the effects of it shortly after consumption. However, the effects often peak and dissipate fairly quickly. That is another reason why many patients opt for edibles instead.

Although edibles can take much longer to take effect, as much as an hour sometimes, they often provide long-lasting, more consistent, and stronger effects. When it comes to pain relief and similar medical needs, this can be a welcome benefit.

Dosing Is Delicate

Because of the fact that edibles provide more intense and prolonged symptom relief, it's easy to inadvertently take more than you really need. It's recommended that you are careful about your dosing when you first start edibles.

Start in small amounts. Give it time to feel the full effects of it before you take more. That way, you can slowly refine the right dose without risking taking too much and being overwhelmed with the effects of it.

Edibles Treat Many Conditions

Often people overlook edibles as an option because they don't know what kinds of conditions this type of medical marijuana can treat. The fact is that you can use edible medical marijuana to treat most any condition that you would use traditional marijuana for.

Things like PTSD, chronic pain, anxiety, digestive issues, and even diabetes can all be treated with edibles if you have a medical marijuana card. Visit a local medical marijuana dispensary for more information.