3 Elements To Include On Your Custom Food Packaging

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3 Elements To Include On Your Custom Food Packaging

17 November 2017
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If you are creating a custom food product, you need to think carefully about how you create the packaging if you want your product to be successful. 

#1 Include Accurate Nutritional Information

One of the most important elements to put on your custom packagings is nutritional information. You need to make sure that you share all the food information required by the Food and Drug Administration. Even if your product falls outside of FDA regulations, it is a good idea to include this information on your packagings. People expect to see nutritional information when they purchase food-like items, and including this information will make your product seem more legitimate.

#2 Special Certifications Or Processes

Second, you should include any special certifications that your food product meets or special processes you use to make the food on the label. For example, if you are using all organic ingredients to create your product, you are going to want to display that information on your product label.

You can simply put a banner that states that the product is organic, or you can reach out to a professional organic food certification group and submit your product to the group to get certified. Official certifications from national groups often carry more weight with consumers than simply stating that your product is all-natural or gluten free. Official certifications show that an outside group subjected your product to testing and found it worthy of certification. 

#3 Company Food Statement

Finally, you are going to want to come up with a company philosophical statement. For example, look at a speciality food product in your kitchen. More than likely, the packaging shares the story behind the food or company.

The story may talk about the founders of the company and their ideas behind the company, such as how "Grandma Jan" started making pancakes eight years ago and they continue this beloved tradition to this day. Or the story may talk about the the process you go through to find and source the natural ingredients for your food product.

Your story should be compelling and should help consumers feel connected to your company and philosophy. Your story can help sell your product, so spend some time working on a compelling story that will fit on your packaging and help customers feel connected to your company. 

When designing packaging for your new food product, you want to include the nutritional information, special certifications, and a company statement or story. Including this information on your packaging will make it look and feel more authentic. Once you decide what you want on the packaging, reach out to a custom packaging service, such as Willings Nutraceutical, to get the next step started.