How CBD Oil Works As A Liniment And Skin Softening Agent

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How CBD Oil Works As A Liniment And Skin Softening Agent

16 October 2017
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Despite the fact that half of all CBD oil for sale is not legal in most states, the other half of CBD oil sold is. This is due largely in part to the fact that CBD oil that is not legal contains high amounts of hallucinogenic properties, while the other type of CBD oil does not. If you know which type is safe for you to buy and use in your state, then you can use it for all kinds of medical issues. Here is how you can use it as a liniment and skin softening agent:

CBD Oil's Calming Properties

There are calming properties in CBD oil, much in the same way as lavender oil, or eucalyptus oil. Joints and muscles that are swollen and injured will absorb the oil through the skin (although it is safe to swallow as well). The natural calming bio-agents in the oil enter the bloodstream and the tissues, immediately going to work to reduce inflammation and pain.

CBD Oil's Anti-Inflammatory and Skin Soothing Properties

When you suffer a skin condition that involves itchy, chapped, or exceedingly dry skin, CBD oil can help. Most serums for skin treatments and cosmetics are quickly absorbed by problem skin. Your skin is so "thirsty" for a cure that it immediately pulls the oil right inside. Itchiness is relieved, and dry skin is softened to the point where you cannot tell that the skin was overly dry a few minutes before. The smell of the oil is very herbal; you may or may not like the smell. Yet, because it is an oil, it can be combined with other natural essences to reduce the very herbal odor the CBD oil contains.

Taking CBD Oil Internally

You could also swallow the CBD oil for pain and discomfort. The effects of the oil would quickly become systemic (i.e., throughout your whole body). Be sure to use a very controlled dose; only a few drops at a time is often sufficient. Consult with an alternative medicine healer to see how many drops is enough for pain.

As for helping your skin, you can mix the CBD oil with ground calcium and vitamins D and E. Then draw the liquid up into a syringe. This is then used to inject clear gel capsules, which you can take as a vitamin supplement. Because of the short shelf life of CBD oil, you should never make more than a week's or two weeks' worth of capsules.