6 Ways Hemp Oil Capsules Can Benefit Your Well-Being

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6 Ways Hemp Oil Capsules Can Benefit Your Well-Being

26 June 2017
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Hemp oil, which is extracted from the cannabis plant, is often used to make high-potency hemp oil capsules. You may find this natural product at health food stores. However, did you know that hemp oil usage has been dated back to 600 BC in ancient China? You should note that although hemp seed oil is derived from the cannabis plant as does marijuana, it does not contain the chemical tetrahdrocannabinol (also known THC).

If you have come across high-potency hemp oil capsules and are wondering how you might benefit from using them as a supplement, you might want to educate yourself on their effects. As a precautionary measure, you should always consult with your health care provider before taking any type of supplement, either natural or synthetic. Here are ways high-strength hemp oil capsules may benefit your health:

1. Hemp Oil May Prevent Blood Clots That Often Lead to Strokes and Heart Attacks

Some individuals use hemp seed oil capsules as a supplement to guard against stroke or heart disease. Some studies have shown that hemp oil may have significant safeguarding effects against stroke. The reason for its heart-healthy attributes? The hemp oil contains a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids, known to have heart-health benefits. It may also help lower your cholesterol levels, which may in turn provide some protection against cardiovascular disease.

2. It May Help Arthritic Conditions or Tendonitis

Those suffering from arthritis or tendonitis will often experience painful inflammation of their joints or tendons. The compounds found in high-potency hemp oil capsules may reduce the inflammation associated with these conditions. Again, this may be due to the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids. For tendonitis, you might try opening a capsule and applying the oil directly to the affected area. Be sure to seek the approval of your doctor however, before doing so.

3. Your Anxiety May Be Relieved By Taking Hemp Oil Capsules

If you are experiencing social anxiety disorder, you might want to ask your physician about taking hemp oil capsules as a supplement. Hemp oil has proven benefits against the effects of social anxiety, so you might want to consider taking these capsules as an alternative, natural treatment. The hemp oil capsules may improve your mood and ease depression as well.

4. Hemp Oil May Help Lessen the Effects of Acne-Prone Skin

The Omega-3 and Omega-6 in hemp oil may help make your skin feel less inflamed. Give it a try if you have acne-prone skin or blemishes. It also cleanses the skin, so you might went to break open a capsule, dab the oil onto a cotton ball, then swab some onto your skin.

5. It's Good For Your Hair

In case you weren't aware, hemp oil contains many nutrients and vitamins. The omega fatty acids, proteins, and lipids may also help stimulate the growth of hair. It may also be used as a natural moisturizer for dry hair and itchy, irritated scalp. Additionally, it may help prevent breakage for those with brittle or damaged hair.

6. Hemp Oil May Balance Your Hormones During Menopause

During menopause, you may experience symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, or depression. As a natural supplement, extra-strength hemp seed capsules may help to regulate the hormones that cause these unpleasant symptoms. Many women are turning to natural alternatives such as the hemp supplement, because it is easy to locate and it is all natural.

Hemp oil, whether in liquid, powder or full-strength capsule form, offers a host of health benefits. Remember, always consult with your health care professional before beginning a regimen of hemp oil in any form.