Why CBD Tincture Is A Great Way To Get Your CBD

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Why CBD Tincture Is A Great Way To Get Your CBD

14 October 2020
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Do you enjoy the benefits of CBD? You're not alone. CBD can be really helpful for everything from stress relief to stopping headaches in their tracks. As CBD has become more popular, many different CBD-infused products have arisen. You can find CBD chocolates, CBD gummies, and even capsules filled with CBD oil. There is one CBD product that deserves a little more attention than it usually gets, and that is CBD tincture. This is basically CBD that has been extracted into alcohol. So, why is CBD tincture such a good choice? 

It won't go rancid

CBD is soluble in alcohol and in oil, but not in water. Most CBD products feature the compound dissolved in oil of some sort. This works fine, but oil dos eventually go rancid, which will cause these products to have a bad flavor — while also possibly leaving them ineffective. CBD tincture has the compound extracted into alcohol rather than oil, so the product will never go rancid. If you do not leave the lid closed tightly, some of the alcohol may evaporate out of the tincture, but the alcohol will never spoil. This makes CBD tincture a good choice for anyone who only uses their CBD periodically and does not want it to spoil in the cabinet.

It's easy to adjust your dose

Typically when you use CBD gummies or capsules, each gummy or capsule contains a certain amount of CBD. If one capsule or gummy is not enough, you have to take two, which might be too much. CBD tincture makes it easier to modify your dose of CBD. One drop may contain just 5 or 10 mg of CBD, so you can increase or decrease your dose a drop at a time to arrive at the perfect amount to meet your needs without wasting product.

It's absorbed into your system quickly

You use CBD tincture by putting it directly under your tongue. Here, it will quickly be absorbed into your bloodstream. The alcohol helps ensure this happens rapidly. You can enjoy the benefits of your CBD within a minute or two, rather than having to wait a half hour or an hour for it to kick in as you would if you ate gummies or swallowed capsules.

CBD tincture is becoming more popular, and for good reasons. This is an excellent CBD preparation that is absorbed quickly, does not go rancid, and makes it easy for you to adjust your dose.

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