What You Should Know Before Buying Acid Rock Hemp Flower

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What You Should Know Before Buying Acid Rock Hemp Flower

22 September 2020
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When you begin shopping for CBD flower, one of the first things you will notice is that there are many different strains available. One you will see quite often is called acid rock hemp flower. There's a reason it's popular. Actually, there are a few reasons it's popular. It smells strong, has a nice taste, and has a really high CBD level, so it is really effective. Take a closer look at the benefits and characteristics of this strain below.

What does acid rock hemp flower look like?

Once you've seen this flower in person, it is impossible to mistake it for any other strain. Its buds look fuzzy — really fuzzy. Most are small and very compact. They have orange or pinkish hairs that stick out all over the place. Some might describe the buds as attractive or desirable.

What does the flower smell and taste like?

This is where the descriptor "acid" comes from. The smell is pretty strong with a sharp, acidic quality. When you smoke the flower, though, this acidic quality is balanced out by an herbal, earthy characteristic. Many people find the flavor of acid rock hemp flower more appealing than they would expect based on its scent alone.

How effective is the flower?

If you are smoking this flower for the CBD benefits, then you have made a good choice. If grown properly, it can contain up to 15% CBD — of course with very little THC, since it is a hemp strain and not a cannabis strain. Acid rock hemp flower is excellent for treating headaches, nausea, joint pain, and other ailments form which people are seeking immediate relief. Because it is so high in CBD, patients typically only need to smoke a few hits to enjoy the effects. Of course, it can also be vaporized.

What are some tips for buying acid rock hemp flower?

If you've decided this strain might be for you, here are some tips for your first purchase.

  • Buy in-person from a dispensary. This way, you can see the flower before you buy and also chat with the bud tender to learn more about the strain.
  • Only buy a gram or two the first time around. Try the strain and decide if you like it before investing in more.
  • To save, buy a baggie of smaller buds. They sell for less because they don't look as impressive, but they're just as effective.

Acid rock hemp flower is a great choice for anyone seeking a potent CBD strain. Enjoy!